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Agenda Deutschland

Agenda Deutschland

Within the framework of the Institute for Strategic Studies, political, social, historical and economic issues of our time are examined. A holistic view of history and geostrategy is preferred in order to recognise the global connections and to communicate these to the citizens. To this end, Agenda Deutschland offers studies, interviews, reports, lectures, debates and discussions.

Let's get on the road...


The German tax system is complicated and unfair. The only solution is to simplify tax law. Only a transparent tax system is also a fair tax system.

Moreover, it is above all the high taxes that burden the citizens. Their work is not rewarded to the extent it should be. We want performance to be rewarded again, so that the work of the people in Germany is also reflected on their pay slips. This can only be achieved through an immediate tax cut.

Our current tax system paralyses and gags our economy. We need a tax system that provides sufficient incentives for business to invest in Germany. For only with a flourishing economy will Germany remain fit for the future.

We demand a simple, transparent and fair tax system with low tax rates. Paul Kirchhof and Friedrich Merz have presented groundbreaking models for this; these must be brought back to the table and implemented.

Public debt

The situation of Germany's public finances is far worse than most citizens realise. The debt must be reduced! We need a permanent restructuring of the state finances and the social security systems. The deficit must be reduced to zero through savings and additional economic dynamism.

We demand a constitutional requirement that prohibits the taking on of additional debt. Savings must be made in all areas that do not represent an investment in the future.

The far larger part of the debt is the so-called implicit debt. They result from the obligations for social security (pension, health, care) and the pension claims of civil servants. This unchecked debt will lead the state to collapse sooner or later. We therefore demand that the hidden national debt be openly named in order to finally convey the seriousness of the situation to the voters.

The Civil Coalition demands the immediate disclosure of the actual national debt, the consistent reduction of net new debt to zero and the introduction of a ban on debt for all public budgets, subject to sanctions.


Bureaucracy inhibits the free development of citizens and enterprises, wrests from them their individual responsibility and paralyses their willingness to perform. Therefore, the sense and necessity of all laws that interfere with economic and personal freedom must be regularly reviewed and the state must be reduced to its core competences.

Laws and ordinances are the leash on which the political class leads the citizens. We therefore demand: If a law is not absolutely necessary, then it is harmful and should not come into force or should be deleted.

Over-regulation prevails above all in the labour market, in social insurances, in family policy and in the subsidy rage. It is precisely this thicket that needs to be thinned out. This is where the big deficits are, this is where the urgently needed and necessary will to change is lacking. One of our priority demands is therefore the immediate dismantling of the disproportionate regulations in the areas mentioned.

The Civil Coalition stands for more personal responsibility and self-determination rights, which we can only achieve through responsible legislation and the reduction of bureaucracy and over-regulation.

Electoral system

Democracy is no longer lived in our country, but only played. A major cause of this is the current mixed proportional representation system. With its rigid lists, it strengthens the parties and favours the development towards a party state, which we have long since arrived at. This undesirable development can be countered either by proportional representation with flexible lists or by direct majority voting. Both options leave the decision on the composition of parliaments to the electorate.

Too many members of parliament have long since ceased to follow their conscience, regardless of faction or party. Most of them are no longer concerned with fulfilling their electoral mandate, but only with retaining power. They secure their next term in office with popular election promises. This must finally be stopped. Citizens should be able to decide directly who governs their country and who does not. This will make politicians more accountable again and give citizens real freedom of choice.

The democratic principle of separation of powers is increasingly being undermined. The Bundestag often simply has to wave through laws drafted by the government, and the third power, the courts, too often make political decisions in anticipation and obedience. That is why we should take the separation of powers seriously, not only rhetorically, but above all institutionally.

In order for democracy to be lived again in its original idea, the Civil Coalition is committed to the direct influence of citizens on the composition of parliaments and respect for the principle of separation of powers.


Families with children do not have the status they deserve in our society. Yet children are the most important asset of a country and the cornerstone of our future. The current development amounts to an undermining of marriage. Marriage between a man and a woman must have priority as an institution for the state over other living arrangements. Marriage as a form of life requires state protection and this protection must remain a state objective for practical reasons.

In addition, families are also subjected to financial burdens. First the political class takes the money from the citizens, then it gives it back to them in smaller coins as charity. In this way, it diminishes and undermines their ability to provide for themselves, forcing them into a dependency on redistributive measures. We see one way of strengthening families' freedom of choice and their personal responsibility in supplementing spousal splitting with family splitting until the children are able to work. This would strengthen families and make them more independent in the long term.

The German population has been shrinking for years. The demographic catastrophe is eloquently stated, but far too little is being done to at least halt this process. An increase in the birth rate should be supported both ideally and financially. Families with children should also be entitled to a clear tax advantage over childless couples.

Only if Germany regains its desire for and interest in children can we escape the demographic downward trend. That is why the Civil Coalition is committed to strengthening and protecting families and children.


The German education system has lost its former glory. Parents, teachers, schools and universities complain about the decline in the educational level of school leavers. Our school and university degrees must regain their former quality. We can only succeed if our education system undergoes a fundamental reform.

Education is one of the central issues of the future. Education reforms that are neglected today have a double impact: In the form of lost prosperity and in high social benefits for those without opportunities. Germany urgently needs to abandon the ideology of egalitarianism at all costs.

More and more young, well-educated people are turning their backs on Germany. Germany cannot tolerate such an exodus of qualified and highly qualified people. Germany must be attractive enough for the young generation, especially for the future top performers.

Investment in education and research is an investment in our future. That is why the ISSBerlin is campaigning for a fundamental reform of the education sector.


Christianity is the largest of the five world religions. At the same time, Christians are one of the most persecuted groups in the world. Christians are ridiculed, oppressed, driven from their homes, tortured and even killed. The political and cultural basis on which Christians can freely live their faith and religion is dwindling - even in the Europe of democracies. Our concern for the safety and protection of Christianity is what drives us. We are Christians. We want to profess our faith freely. We want politics based on a Christian image of man, a vital Christian tradition and strong Christian families. The Christian heritage is the heritage of us all. Support us in our mission. Become part of our initiative. Only together are we strong. Only together can we make a difference: For a Christian Germany. For a Christian Europe.

Political Islam

Political Islam stands in opposition to our free democratic basic order. Many Muslims place the Islamic legal system - the Sharia - above our German laws. A state within the state is being created. This cannot be accepted. The same applies to the treatment of dissidents and marginalised groups.

Illegal migration

We stand up against illegal migration and demand a consistent application of the Dublin Agreement. The borderless immigration that Germany has faced since 2015 is unacceptable. Germany must protect its borders and preserve sovereignty.

Left-wing extremism

For years, the danger from left-wing extremism has been increasing. Left-wing terrorists intimidate the population, threaten the lives and health of dissenters and the police. Politicians are blind to the left and have allowed a powerful left-wing extremist network to develop. In many cases, left-wing terrorists are protected by politicians and officials. Politicians and the authorities must not stand idly by and watch this development; the constitutional state must act. We demand: Left-wing extremist groups must be disbanded and Antifa classified as a terrorist organisation. Endangered persons must be protected and politically motivated acts of violence must be punished with the full force of the law.

Protection of the rule of law and the free democratic basic order

The protection of our constitutional state and the free democratic basic order is an important concern of the Initiative Demokratieschutz. We advocate the participation of citizens in political decision-making processes and oppose all efforts that are directed against our constitutional state.

Transparency and openness for public service broadcasting

The public broadcasters collect compulsory fees from the citizens. Although citizens have to pay eight billion euros annually, they have no insight into what happens with their money and no influence on how this money is used. We want to change that.

Publish wages and salaries - disclose sideline activities

The expenses of the public broadcaster must be fully disclosed. This includes, in particular, publishing the amount of wages and salaries of employees, management staff, journalists and presenters of public service broadcasting. Likewise, the contracts with third-party providers must be accessible.

In order to reveal possible conflicts of interest, sideline activities of journalists, presenters and employees of public service broadcasting must be published.

Transparent programming and neutral reporting

Transparency must also be established in programming. It must be comprehensible for public service broadcasting - until it is abolished - how decisions on programming are made. To this end, it is necessary to document how decisions are reached and to publish minutes of committee meetings.

The duty of political neutrality of public service broadcasting must be ensured. Therefore, a continuous evaluation of the reporting is necessary. It must be ensured that the entire democratic spectrum of opinion has an equal say. No political tendency or party may be favoured or disadvantaged. The duty of neutrality of public service broadcasting, which is compulsorily financed by all fee payers, must be consistently observed.