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Attack on four-year-old girl: Tagesschau prefers to report on the cherry blossom festival

Beatrix von Storch: The CDU/CSU and the current federal government have destroyed our internal security


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F-35 fighter jet: Far too expensive and full of technical errors

Modern technology scrap? Of the 100 billion extra euros for the Bundeswehr, the F-35, which is far too expensive and afflicted with errors, is to be purchased. Pentagon experts report hundreds of technical errors and defects.

Pouze 48 % má dojem, že je dovoleno svobodně vyjádřit svůj názor


The Freedom Index 2022 confirms the trend: Only 48 percent of citizens still feel that they can express their opinions freely. The majority, on the contrary, feel restricted and freedom of expression threatened.

Citizens lose rights and freedoms, states their sovereignty in health matters

The WHO is planning comprehensive changes to the "International Health Regulations" in order to have more power and influence on the health policies of states in the event of a declared pandemic. The rights and freedoms of citizens are massively endangered by this.

Propaganda in the media

In the mainstream media, journalists and politicians call for diversity. At the same time, they fight diversity of opinion by acting as "gatekeepers", staking out a narrow spectrum of opinion.

The power of diversity and gender equality indices

Why are we incessantly confronted with gender issues and rainbow ideology? Why does this ideology-propaganda currently occupy such a preeminent place throughout the Western world? Because investors evaluate companies on the basis of gender equality and diversity indices. And these investors include the powerful shadow banks and hedge funds.