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Beatrix von Storch calls for draining the green swamp

Beatrix von Storch: The climate hydra must go



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Exchange of blows on Maybritt Illner's ZDF talk show

Once again, ZDF tried to link the AfD to the alleged secret meeting in Potsdam and defame it. Beatrix von Storch skilfully countered and defended the AfD.

Digital Services Act: traffic lights turn the internet into an ideological battle zone

The coordination centre at the Federal Network Agency can impose fines on online platforms that do not censor enough. And the Greens make no secret of the fact that they want to censor everything. The coordination centre is allowed to do things that are otherwise the responsibility of the police, such as conduct investigations and gather evidence, interrogate witnesses, search business premises without a court order, confiscate property, etc.

Beatrix von Storch's enquiry has brought explosive information to light

Beatrix von Storch has asked the "Research Services of the German Bundestag" what impact the deployment of ground troops from a NATO country would have with regard to the Alliance case, in which NATO members are obliged to stand up for each other.

The primacy of politics has been lost, our culture is being bypassed

Our society and culture is losing its roots. The primacy of politics has been hijacked by lobbyists. Instead, American think tanks, NGOs and financial firms are dictating how we should live and do business.

Left-green traffic light policy squanders money all over the world

In an interview with Freie Welt, Sven von Storch explains why the traffic-light policy with its enormous expenditure must be ended. Instead of eco-socialist money distribution, Germany needs a serious financial policy to help the economy get back on its feet.