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Sven von Storch in an interview with the Initiative Meinungsfreiheit

"Behind almost every media scandal against the AfD is red-green cronyism"


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Citizens lose rights and freedoms, states their sovereignty in health matters

The WHO is planning comprehensive changes to the "International Health Regulations" in order to have more power and influence on the health policies of states in the event of a declared pandemic. The rights and freedoms of citizens are massively endangered by this.

The primacy of politics has been lost, our culture is being bypassed

Our society and culture is losing its roots. The primacy of politics has been hijacked by lobbyists. Instead, American think tanks, NGOs and financial firms are dictating how we should live and do business.

Demonstration against the Corona decrees

Censorship, propaganda, opinion mongering, denunciations: The political establishment and the mainstream media are dividing society. The Corona crisis is only the latest example. Rarely has such a large section of citizens been defamed by the establishment.

Sven von Storch warns against the new EU law on digital services

A few weeks ago, the EU Digital Services Act came into force. Brussels' intention behind this law is to introduce a comprehensive censorship system to control opinions and news. In an interview, Sven von Storch explains the background.

Sven von Storch in an interview with Initiative Meinungsfreiheit

Who will decide what we are allowed to say on the internet in the future? The answer is: a new opinion police, ruled by the same green clique that brought us the heating law and the nuclear phase-out. More on this from Sven von Storch in an interview.