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Sven von Storch in an interview with Christenschutz

"Church preaches woke ideology and Marxism instead of Christianity"


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Chinese Communist Party reaches for Afghanistan

The Chinese Communist Party is using the same strategy as in Iran and Pakistan to gain access to Afghanistan's resources and to prevent foreign support for the Uighurs. Moreover, Afghanistan is in the catchment area of the new Silk Road.

"Flat-lining" - passive resistance by Chinese youth

Because the social, economic and political constraints in the PRC have become so oppressive, more and more Chinese are taking to passive resistance. They do - nothing. The CCP smells collective sabotage.

Like Iran, Egypt will dance to Beijing's tune

A new capital is being built east of Cairo with the tallest skyscrapers in Africa. The city is being built by a Chinese state-owned company, pre-financed by Chinese banks. This will cost the Egyptians dearly: Sovereignty is at stake.

Slavoj Žižek, contemporary Marxist theorist

The "comunavirus" has broken out. Slavoj Žižek, one of today's most important Marxist theorists, shows this in his booklet "Virus", which was recently published in Italy. The Brazilian Foreign Minister has taken a stand on this.

Sven von Storch in an interview with Christenschutz

By providing mass accommodation and care for rejected asylum seekers, the churches are abusing the institution of church asylum. They promote illegal immigration by actively preventing legally binding deportations. That is why church asylum must be ended immediately, demands Sven von Storch.