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Beatrix von Storch's enquiry has brought explosive information to light

Research Service of the Bundestag: NATO troops in Ukraine not a case of alliance


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The Great Game: Eurasia in the wake of geostrategy

In 2014 (!) the Institute for Strategic Studies Berlin (ISSB) published an article on the Freie Welt on the geostrategic background of the Ukraine crisis. Due to current events, the article appears here again.

Russia and USA accuse each other of hybrid warfare

Because open warfare between major industrialised nations is no longer feasible without a complete risk of escalation, conflicts are frozen and continued on a subliminal level with the aim of exhausting the opponent economically and militarily. In the end, one hopes for the collapse of the opponent's regime.

Sven von Storch calls for immediate peace negotiations

The Ukrainian counter-offensive has failed with disastrous consequences, NATO has made it clear to the Ukrainian president in Vilnius that there will be no early admission of his country. The Biden administration has miscalculated, its deadly bluff only costing more lives every day. It is now time to return to diplomacy and peace negotiations so that the madness finally comes to an end. A commentary by Sven von Storch.

The primacy of politics has been lost, our culture is being bypassed

Our society and culture is losing its roots. The primacy of politics has been hijacked by lobbyists. Instead, American think tanks, NGOs and financial firms are dictating how we should live and do business.

Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation

China's New Silk Road project revives an age-old concept. Xi Jinping wants to expand trade routes in Eurasia. Europe is a rather passive participant. China has taken the reins.