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If there wasn't deep greenish grass under the balloons, but perhaps a dry road or concrete, you might be able to see their colored shadows - the way the bright sunlight passes through the semi-translucent colored balloons. But because of the ubiquitous grass, the shadows of the balloons can hardly be seen, let alone be able to tell what color these shadows are. If a casual passer-by saw balloons like this, he would surely think that they have been flying around like this for perhaps a thousand years. They still more or less keep their height and don't move sideways too much. Against the sun, it looks like the sun is moving west faster than the balloons, and maybe it really is. Many a philosopher might argue that balloons are racing the sun, but physicists would surely disprove that. From a physical point of view, balloons look completely uninteresting. Undoubtedly, the children will be the most interested - just yesterday one little girl did not cry in wonder that the balloons might burst.

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